What’s in My Bag?

A little over a week ago I was watching “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” with my friends and it came to the part where Kate Hudson “left” her bag at Matthew McConaughey’s apartment (but we all know a woman wouldn’t leave anywhere without her purse!). He brings it to his work, “accidentally” knocks it over and all of it’s contents spill onto the floor for him and his colleagues to see.

This got me thinking. What do most women carry in their bags? For many, the answer is “my life.” Since work and school have started to get in the full swing of things, I’m usually not home until pretty late. This forces me to bring everything I need for the day with me when I start my morning on the go.

Here are some of the essentials you can find in my bag on any given day.

The Bag: Rebecca Minkoff ‘M.A.B.’ (mine’s black)
What's in My Bag?1.Hand Cream - Constantly thumbing through notebooks for school and doing all the dishes by hand in my apartment (I don’t have a dishwasher!) leaves my hands especially dry so moisturizer is king for me.

2.iPad & Cover - I used to be that person that thought that people didn’t need iPads, they just wanted them. But as I start to work more on the go and find myself not wanting to lug my laptop to class, I’ve been using my iPad mini more and more. And I’m obsessed with finding new cases for it.

3.Business Cards - I’ll admit, business cards make me feel so grown up. It’s a creative way to get someone to remember you (especially if you’re like me and have triple-thick business cards aka cardboard) and give out your contact information on the fly.

4.Hair Ties - To me, a bobby pin is dangerous in that I have the nasty habit of pinning my long bangs to the side, which makes my head look really flat. So I like to carry around fabric hair ties so that if I feel the urge to change my hair, look more put together, or just get it out of my face, I can in a cute but manageable way.

5.Rollerball Perfume - It usually takes a long time for my perfume to wear out after first applying it in the morning. But I like having a rollerball stick on hand when I’m going to meet someone or had just enjoyed some Chipotle so that I’m always smelling fresh.

6.Light Lip Color - I’m not usually big into wearing lipstick but a light shade has the ability to make you look a little bit more put together. Whether I’m running to meet a client or going out for drinks after work, a lip pencil makes me feel a little bit more on my game.

7.Erin Condren Life Planner - I never leave home without this. Never. It organizes my life, helps me keep track of my blog posts, is a place to record my inspirations, etc. I honestly don’t know what I did before I had this planner. Oh, probably not schedule things 8 months in advance…

What’s in your own bag?

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  1. Helen Ulloa says

    In my bag you would think I was going on LETS MAKE A DEAL! :( That’s my work bag. My personal bag about 3 things! :) xoxoxoxoxox0

  2. says

    I absolutely love what’s in my posts! Great call in on the rollerball, they’re a lifesaver! Also, I’ve always loved L’Occitane’s Shea Butter hand crema but have yet to try the almond one!

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